3 Ways Creatives Can Make Money From Home

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Lots of creatives like to make projects and draw for fun, but what if you could create an income from home using your creative skills?

In the online world, creative skills are a hot commodity. If you are a digital artist, illustrator, graphic designer or animator you’re going to want to look at this list for some side hustle ideas you can to make money online.


With technology become even more user friendly, anyone can build a website these days. Popular all in one software tools like Kajabi ,Teachable and Squarespace make it as simple as using an app on your phone. The only hard part is making your website stand out by being creative.

As a designer, you know how to add the right colors, design elements and accents to make photos and text POP off of the page. YOU have the skills that entrepreneurs are in need of. You know how to do things like this….adding designs to photos…..that make your work unique and stops the scroll.

I teach a course on how to become a website designer using the software, Kajabi. If you’re interested in learning more you can click here.


Entrepreneurs are busy dealing with many parts of their business. Lots of course creators and membership site owners need help coming up with creative graphics to share on their Instagram and Facebook pages. You could be hired to create images and post them to the entrepreneurs’ pages and groups. You could also be hired to answer messages and posts for your clients. It can be a profitable way to work from home and on your own schedule.


Course creators have lots on their plate. They need to create a course and record videos, setup the course software, payments and create a launch plan. One thing that they all need help with is creating the workbooks and PDFs to go along with the lessons in their courses. It can be a lucrative job for someone who is creative and understands who to use software like InDesign or Canva. You can make upwards of a few hundred dollars based on the amount of work needed.

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