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5 Ways To Make Income With Your Sewing Skills

Are you good at creating with fabric? You can use your sewing machine and scissors to start creating income at home. Want some ideas to get you started?

Sell On Etsy

You can create your own shop and sell the creations you make on Etsy. You can make what you like and list as many or as few products as you want. This is great if you’ve got little ones at home still and you’re working through naptime. It also works well if you’re working during the day and just want some extra income by making products on the weekends.

Create A Class

Have you thought about what it would be like to teach others how to sew? It’s possible to record yourself with your phone and create an online class that you can offer again and again. An all-in-one tool that I use and love is a software called Kajabi. This let’s you take payments from anywhere, send emails and collect emails while housing your sewing course. It’s easy to use and has all of the tools you need. Grab a free 15 day trial by clicking here.

Sell Patterns

You would be surprised at how many people would rather pay for the pattern and make it themselves. If you create a PDF download of your designs and sell them on a website like Shopify, Kajabi or Etsy. Make it once and sell it again and again.

Teach Classes Locally

Another way to create income is to teach sewing classes at a local rec center or school. You could host classes at your home or at a friend’s home. Put notices on your local “Nextdoor app” or Facebook group.

Offer Repairs and Alterations

People are always looking for a good seamstress to help with repairs and alterations. You could offer alterations from home to make some bonus income. Make a post on Next Door to let people know that you’re offering this service and start taking clients.

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