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Etsy VS Shopify For Makers 2021

Etsy vs shopify

I used to dream of ways to make money while sitting home with my four kids.  In the early days….pre-Etsy, I used to make door hangers and signs while the kids were napping and after they went to bed. I would sell them at craft fairs on the weekends. I was making a decent amount of sales.

The only problem was that I wasn’t sleeping and I was exhausted. When I sat down and looked at the numbers, I was making about a $1 an hour….if I was lucky.

That didn’t last long.

Today, there are great places available to sell crafts online. Etsy is a place that is easy to get started with.  They handle your payments, listings and website in exchange for a small fee. You just take photos, add keywords and post.

When a sale comes in…with this beautiful “cha-ching” sound….you pack up and ship out your order. The money is deposited into your account in a few days.  Easy peasy.

The downside, you don’t own the customer list. You can’t email your customers or let them know about anything new in your shop.  It’s a BIG drawback.

The plus side…you get access to over 60 million people who are using Etsy already. The traffic is there If you use your keywords right, you can start getting sales immediately.  

The downside is that Etsy also promotes other listings on your listing page. This causes potential customers to leave your shop and look at your competitors. Not cool!

The other option is creating your own shop on Shopify. You add your listings, have control over how your shop looks and you don’t pay Etsy a commission. You will pay a small percentage to your payment processing company…which is normal. You can collect the email addresses and market to your potential customers with features like “abandoned cart emails” that get sent out automatically.

You can also send coupons, let your customers and email list know about new items you’re listing and any specials you have. With Shopify, you control your customer list. If you can afford $30 a month for Shopify…this is a HUGE benefit to having your own shop over Etsy. 



  • You have access to 60 million shoppers as soon as you list your item.
  • You can start for less than a quarter.
  • Easy to setup and get started.
  • The Cha-Ching when you get a sale is satisfying.


  • You own your email list and can promote to them whenever you like.
  • Doesn’t show competitors listings on your site.
  • Automatically sends “abandoned cart emails” when visitor adds to cart and leaves.
  • You can change the design of your shop and match your branding.
  • You can control the price of your products.
  • You an add “apps” to your site to add even more features.
  • You can block vindictive people from your site to avoid fake negative reviews.
  • You get to pick your domain name.



  • They can shut down your shop for anything.
  • The list competitors products on your listings.
  • Etsy controls the algorithm 
  • You can’t collect emails from your customers.
  • You don’t have a real domain name. It’s etsy.com/shop/yourshopname and that’s confusing.
  • If you get someone who leaves a negative review there isn’t much you can do about it.


  • It costs around $30 a month.
  • Can take some help to setup if you hate techie stuff.
  • You need to find the traffic.

This is just a quick overview of Etsy VS Shopify. Comment below or DM me on Instagram @aprilberndcreative if you’ve got any questions.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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