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Jewelry Business In A Box

Have you ever had the itch to start your own side hustle business…but had no idea what to start?

You are not alone! I have signed up for 5 different network marketing companies to try and figure out which one was the best for me. I compared the cost vs income and the flexibility and sales I was able to make. Which one had the best rules, provided the most training and gave the most support.

The winner was…..Origami Owl.

jewelry business ideas

I love the way this company stays on top of current trends and creates tutorials and business assets for it’s designers. They have their own app with graphics that you can share. Can I tell you how much I LOVE this app??? It is amazing and makes it so easy to share the jewelry and ideas with others.

Jewelry Business

What about the sales…the payouts? Are they worth it? In one word…YES! The sales are easy to make. People love to create their own custom jewelry. Origami Owl makes it easy to sell online. There is this great tool called a locket builder. It lets your customers preview the locket and add the charms and design it to tell their story. This single tool has been responsible for over $1599 is sales so far this month. That’s without hosting parties in people’s homes….during a pandemic.

I’d like to invite you to join Origami Owl with me. You can join for only $47.

It’s a jewelry business in a box! You get everything you need, the training and the tools you need to start your own jewelry box. Host online parties…or don’t. It’s up to you. I’d love to help you grow your side hustle and start creating income ASAP.

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