Support For Divorced Dads

Moms get most of the focus and support when it comes to divorce. I know in some cases that is the whole truth…some men can be scum bags. It seems like a natural bias to think of dad as the bad guy. I was guilty of this too. Until it happened to my brother. One… Continue reading Support For Divorced Dads

Organizing My Passwords

I don’t know about you, but i’ve got SOOOO many passwords. I’ve got passwords to software..passwords to courses i’ve bought…passwords to utilities and so much more. I was writing down passwords on post it notes and losing them all of the time. The method was SO NOT WORKING! I needed to get organized. I started… Continue reading Organizing My Passwords

Jewelry Business In A Box

Have you ever had the itch to start your own side hustle business…but had no idea what to start? You are not alone! I have signed up for 5 different network marketing companies to try and figure out which one was the best for me. I compared the cost vs income and the flexibility and… Continue reading Jewelry Business In A Box

5 Ways To Make Income With Your Sewing Skills

Are you good at creating with fabric? You can use your sewing machine and scissors to start creating income at home. Want some ideas to get you started? Sell On Etsy You can create your own shop and sell the creations you make on Etsy. You can make what you like and list as many… Continue reading 5 Ways To Make Income With Your Sewing Skills

Etsy VS Shopify For Makers 2021

I used to dream of ways to make money while sitting home with my four kids.  In the early days….pre-Etsy, I used to make door hangers and signs while the kids were napping and after they went to bed. I would sell them at craft fairs on the weekends. I was making a decent amount… Continue reading Etsy VS Shopify For Makers 2021